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If you're looking to swap gold between games, you've come to the right place. RuneSwap started out purely as a gold swapping service, and we established our trustworthiness by completing over 5000 swaps before we started buying & selling gold as well. We've consistently proven that we offer the highest quality swapping experience in the RuneScape market.

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Find out what makes RuneSwap the best swapping service available:

Extremely competitive swapping rates; our normal rates are among the best of any other trusted swapping service.

Best rate guarantee: If you find another trusted swapping site or clan chat offering a better rate than RuneSwap, just let the agent know and we'll beat it!

Lightning fast swapping! We complete most trades in under 2 minutes; you just trade, world-hop, and trade again - simple as that!

Increments offered! You can do your swap in as many trades as you like, it's up to you!

F2P worlds! All our swapping locations are in free-to-play locations and worlds, so that everyone can swap!

Hundreds of positive feedback from satisfied customers who have trusted RuneSwap with billions of their gold.

500 images of successfully completed large & valuable swaps, and those are just the fraction that we have screenshots of! (view below)

A long history of trusted swapping with absolutely no scam reports anywhere.

To see 500 of our largest swaps, please view albums below:

These are swap images only, from before we started selling gold, and with names blocked out.

We do not post any new images, so your privacy is guaranteed.


Recent Feedback

randobando 21/01/2017

86m rs3 to osrs fast and easy..

Bones 19/01/2017

traded 48m rs3 to osrs. super easy process. was hesitant at first and checked reviews. decided to gi..

Kryogen 10/01/2017

HANDS DOWN!!! BEST service when it comes to RS gold! Better then Food4RS and any other crap site! Ke..