To my valued customers old and new: I'm sorry to announce that effective immediately, will be closed for business. My increasing responsibilities in work and life, coupled with my declining interest in RuneScape in general have led me to conclude that I can no longer provide the high level of service that I'd like. Rather than allowing the site to slowly and sadly decline in quality, I've decided to leave it at a high point and maybe find a new owner who will keep it going. I apologize for any inconvenience, especially to all my repeat customers who have come to depend on RuneSwap.

When I first started this site back in 2015, it was an undertaking far beyond anything I'd done in my time playing RuneScape. I've played this game since 2005, after finding it on Miniclip and getting instantly hooked. Playing RuneScape for the better part of a decade defined my childhood and my teenage years, most notably by sparking my interest in business and entrepreneurship. The old days of merchanting in Fally Park, followed by the complex world of Grand Exchange buyouts in the trade limit era, and capped off by the age of dice clans left a lasting effect on me. My experiences in RuneScape helped put me on a path that would lead to business becoming my career. has been another chapter in that story. Being trusted with an uncountable amount of gold, and helping more customers than I've ever expected has been an amazing experience that I'll never forget. I hope all your experiences with RuneSwap have been pleasant as well. Thank you for placing your trust in me, and thank you for choosing RuneSwap.

For sale: is available for sale to anyone who wishes to carry on a long, trusted reputation. It is my hope to find someone with integrity who will take good care of the project I started. If you are an interested and *serious* buyer, please send an email to to discuss it. I will consider offers for the site domain, the site content, or both. No customer personal information will be shared or sold. Along with site installation, you will also receive support, guidance, and other things that you may need to get started. I am open to using some type of escrow to do the transfer. Please note that I am not being forced to shut down, and there are no financial or legal problems/surprises. I am simply not the right person to run this anymore. I look forward to hearing from serious buyers.

Thank you to everyone, and so long.


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