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Ever wanted to get into the gold swapping game? Don't be limited by the constraints of operating out of a clan chat, or merely having a forum thread on someone else's site. When you get your own personal gold swapping site from RuneSwap, you're in control!

Our gold swapping sites are entirely open source and customizable. You'll be able to review every bit of your site's PHP code (it's actually pretty short), so you'll know exactly what's going on behind the scenes. With the complete site files in your possession, you'll be able to make any changes you need to improve the site or customize it to your satisfaction. Changing site graphics (logo, banner, etc) is very simple and requires no coding knowledge. Approving feedback, updating swap rates, and adding content to site sections is all done through a simple admin panel which you log into with your admin credentials. Your admin password will be known only to you, even if we install the site for you, via hashing. After installation, neither RuneSwap nor anyone else will have any access to the site backend. Security-wise, this site has stood the test of time. We ourselves used this exact site for over 8 months, and have completed thousands of swaps without a hiccup.

We offer free installation with every purchase. After showing you how to secure a domain and hosting, we'll upload the site (fitted with your brand name), and teach you how to operate and customize it. Note that you will also need a subscription to a live chat service such as Zopim, which is very easy to install. If you're proficient at all this, of course, feel free to take the site files and have at it!

This software is provided under a single-use license. You are permitted to use one copy personally. You are not permitted to distribute (for free nor for sale) any copies of this software, modified or otherwise. We allow refunds if we are unable to get the site to work for some reason. After installation, there are no refunds provided. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we'll explain everything in greater detail. Feel free to take a look at the live demo to try the site out for yourself!

Is swapping worth it? See one of RuneScape's biggest gold swappers count up how much he's made over a year (spoiler: it's a lot!).

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Your Own Swap Site

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Kryogen 10/01/2017

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