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Ready to cash out? RuneSwap needs your gold to keep supplying our customers! We buy for every game mode we sell for, and we're working to provide the best selling experience in the RuneScape market. Our long, trusted history ensures that you'll get paid fast, and for a great rate too!

Current Rates:

OSRS Gold: $1.15 USD/M (minimum sale: 10M)

RS3 Gold: $0.185 USD/M (minimum sale: 50M)

Seasonal DMM Gold: N/A


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Find out why you should choose RuneSwap to sell your gold:

Extremely competitive buying rates; our normal buying rates are among the best of any other trusted gold sites.

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Hundreds of positive feedback from satisfied customers who have trusted RuneSwap with billions of their gold.

A long history of trusted trading with absolutely no scam reports anywhere.

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Kyle 12/02/2017

RuneSwap is legit!! Trading 205m from RS3 was sketchy. Anyone will say trading that amount to someon..

Gabrielm345 11/02/2017

Very cool,legit and fast. Thank's Nick...