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Making a purchase, receiving your good or service, and then reversing the payment to get your money back is theft, fraud, and a real-world crime. This is true whether you're shopping in stores, dining at restaurants, or making purchases online. Legally, it makes no difference if the good or service happens to be RuneScape-related. Committing this type of fraud is not just a scam in RuneScape, it is the theft of real money from a real bank account.

If you fraudulently reverse a payment after shopping at RuneSwap, no matter how small the amount, we WILL pursue the matter to the fullest extent of the law.

This includes:

  • Filing a police report, including your personal information, with your local police department.
  • Suing you in your local small claims court for monetary damages.
  • Filing a complaint, including your personal information, with the appropriate criminal investigations agency:
  • Referring your customer profile to all other RuneScape-related shops, preventing you from defrauding other sites.
  • Fraudulent chargebacks will result in you being blacklisted by banks and payment processors, and automatically flagged as a high-risk customer by millions of sites which refer to such blacklists to block fraudulent transactions.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this notice.