RuneSwap FAQ

How do I reach the owner of this site?

You can reach the owner via our live chat, or by email at For most inquiries you should join our live chat for an immediate response.

How can I provide advertising or do business with RuneSwap?

Please contact us to discuss it. Note that we are not currently hiring for any working positions.

Why can't I make an account with RuneSwap?

Having user accounts doesn't really add any value or security, and it just creates more work for customers to register and remember a password and so forth. All checkouts are done as a guest, which makes the checkout process very quick and easy. We keep track of customer profiles internally, so we know who's who for purposes such as offering customer loyalty bonuses.

How do I pay with X payment method?

We have some guides to show you how to navigate with each payment method when ordering on this site. You can read them here. For further information you can of course contact us via our live chat.

Does RuneSwap see my credit card number or other sensitive information?

All credit/debit transactions are done through highly trusted third-party payment processors such as PayPal. We never see your actual credit card number, we only get confirmation that the payment went through. Although we would never misuse your personal information, you can rest assured that any payment details we do have are still insufficient to do anything with them.

What's all this about my identity and verification?

Stolen PayPal accounts, credit card numbers, and other information can be purchased cheaply, and scammers will use that information to shop online and defraud stores. Eventually, the real owners of those accounts will notice the transaction and have the payment reversed, which means the store loses that entire amount plus a chargeback fee. Also, sometimes people use their legitimate payment accounts but think they can get away with taking the items and reversing the payment later. To guard against the former case, we need some identification (the exact type varies) to make sure you're authorized to be sending payment to us. For the latter case, we use personal information to pursue legal action against people who place fraudulent chargebacks.

What if I don't want to send any identification documents?

This is understandable. We take great care to ensure that your personal information is never leaked, but you may nonetheless not want to send such information. For some orders, we may not need any further info; this is usually the case for small orders. In cases where we do need verification, you can skip that whole process simply by paying with Bitcoin. We require absolutely no verification for Bitcoin orders. It's really something you should look into. Bitcoin makes the whole process easier and safer for everyone involved.

What about if I sell gold - will I need any identification for that?

Nope. If you're selling us gold, all you need to do is trade the gold and provide payment details as appropriate for your payment method, and so comes your money. You can rest assured that never in a million years will we attempt to reverse payment on a sale.

How long does it take to get paid if I sell gold to RuneSwap?

We send your payment literally the minute you give us the gold. The only limiting factor is how long the specific payment processor takes to complete the transfer. This time is usually measured in minutes, but you might want to read up on the details of the payment method you plan to use.

You guys told me my order failed verification and was cancelled; why?

We have a number of back-end checks to flag orders which are likely to be fraudulent. If you're a legitimate customer and you've been flagged in this way, we sincerely apologize. We can't reveal the exact criteria of these checks since that would compromise their effectiveness. We're working hard to fine-tune our methodology to separate real customers from frauds, but until that's done you can always try another payment method. Bitcoin, for instance, requires no such checks.

Can I get a refund on an order?

We allow refunds prior to delivery, so that the order can be cancelled if you ordered for the wrong server, for instance. Once your goods have been delivered, however, there are no refunds provided.

The live chat appears to be offline; should I still order?

When we're online we deliver your order immediately, or after a quick verification process if we need more information from you. If we happen to be offline however, you can choose to order at that time or wait until we come back online. Functionally it doesn't matter, and it just depends on your preference. We're very serious about keeping the live chat online as much as possible, so the wait will never be long if you do catch us offline.

What's the chance of getting banned by using RuneSwap?

While technically possible, getting banned is very very unlikely. Bans tend to target gold farmers mainly based out of China, and normal buyers rarely face any problems. We are western-based, and we take extensive precautions to prevent our accounts from getting flagged in any way. You can rest assured that our gold delivery is among the safest in the market.

Some part of the site is broken. What should I do?

Please contact us to report any technical problems. If a problem was previously unknown, we may reward you with a bounty for making it known to us. If you aren't able to place an order or complete a transaction in some way, please let us know in live chat and we'll find a workaround to get it done some other way.

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