Bitcoin Bonus

Get a 10% bonus on any purchase of gold when you pay with Bitcoin. There are no limits or restrictions on how much you can order, or how often you can redeem this offer. To get the 10% bonus, simply choose Bitcoin during checkout, and complete payment. Our live chat agent will provide you with an extra 10% gold on top of what you ordered. We require no identification or further verification for purchases using Bitcoin. Please contact us if you're looking to purchase a large bulk amount; we may offer an even greater bonus.

How to obtain and use Bitcoin:

Step 1: Bitcoin is its own currency, not just a payment system. Like any other foreign currency, you need to buy some BTC before you can use it. There are 2 main ways to buy Bitcoin: locally and through an online exchange. Buying Bitcoin locally would involve finding a Bitcoin ATM or meeting the seller personally. You can find local sales on sites like LocalBitcoins. Many people prefer the easier option of buying online through a trusted exchange, such as Coinbase. This would involve signing up with the exchange, linking your preferred payment source (such as a bank account or credit/debit card), and completing any required verification steps. If using an exchange, you should be able to complete setup in minutes as long as your payment is valid. See more buying options here, and learn more about Bitcoin here.

Step 2: Once you have some BTC, please proceed through our checkout and select Bitcoin when prompted. You will see a payment address, which will look something like this: 1NT3TMsCu75PBdWhr4JoE7iPvSMuNqW6Sm. Enter the address into the site/program you use to handle your BTC, choose the proper amount, and hit send. The Bitcoin system may charge you a fee for sending, but this fee will be very small (under 1%). Bitcoin payments arrive instantly but we might need to wait 15-30 minutes in some cases for a "confirmation" on the transaction. All Bitcoin transactions are publicly visible, so you can view the status of your payment freely during this time.

Step 3: Please join our live chat to receive your order and bonus. Once your Bitcoin payment has gone through, we deliver the goods instantly. As Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, we don't require any ID verification, no matter how large the order. You can spend an unlimited amount with Bitcoin at

Have any questions about the 10% Bitcoin bonus? We're here to help.

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