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Seasonal Deadman Swapping is Open! (Mar. 27, 2016)

We're pleased to announce that we are now ready and available to swap in the new Seasonal Deadman Mode servers! Swapping to Deadman Mode is a great way to speed up your training or quickly obtain the best gear. Likewise, swapping your gold from Seasonal Deadman Mode to Oldschool or Runescape 3 is a great way to cash out and save your progress. We're offering the most competitive rates possible, though of course rates will change over time as the game mode evolves. Please let us know if there's another swapping clan offering a better rate, and we'll do our best to beat their offer!

Along with our usual goldswapping activities, we are also interested in purchasing various skilling supplies in Seasonal Deadman Mode. If you'd like to do some resource gathering (Seasonal Deadman resources in return for OSRS gold), please let us know in our live chat. In the early days of Deadman Mode, even the most basic moneymaking activity is extremely profitable when the gold is swapped over to 07 or RS3. You could make as much as 3M 07 gp per hour by mining or fishing! We'll keep you updated on what kind of resources we need, and how many of them.

Of course, since it is Deadman Mode, we can't forget to mention the importance of trading safely! Even though Jagex has taken some steps to reduce the effectiveness of suiciding, people will still endure the xp loss if they see you has a high value target. Before you do any trading, you should get some basic combat stats, along with decent food to survive most attacks. You should also take the precaution of choosing your trading spot wisely, so you can't be attacked from over the border between the safe and dangerous zones. A good place would be inside a closed-off bank, with a wall separating you from the dangerous zone. Otherwise, there's the very real possibility that you could be the unlucky recipient of a dark bow spec!

Seasonal Deadman Mode may be challenging, but it's also been described as one of the most fun activities in the history of Runescape. We'd agree with that, and we certainly look forward to seeing you in game!

Seasonal Swapman Mode (Mar. 26, 2016)

It's hard for us to overstate the drastic effect that Seasonal Deadman Mode will have on the goldswapping market. Consider why people swap, in a broad sense. It's because they see something interesting going on in another game mode, and in order to play that game mode optimally they need to bring their wealth along as well. Of course, if people are fully satisfied with 07 or RS3 alone, they feel no need to swap. We'd suspect that the majority of the Runescape playerbase falls into this category: people who play one game mode only, and have no desire to switch. This is obviously not so great for the swapping market. That much has been established.

Then comes along Seasonal Deadman Mode. Not only is it a brand new game mode, but it gets reset every 3 months! People naturally have a need for swapping, to get ahead in DMM and to cash out their loot into a more stable currency. But that's not all; if the server gets reset every season, people never get the chance to fully "settle in", or grow comfortable with their one chosen game mode. Even if you only play Deadman Mode, you still have a strong incentive to swap your gold to 07 or RS3 in order to save your progress and carry it over to the next season. In effect, Seasonal DMM creates a sort of tidal effect where the environment is constantly changing. Much like the aquatic creatures that follow the changing tide, Oldschool Runescape players who wish to retain their wealth on Deadman Mode must necessarily swap it before the tide goes out again, and the seasonal server gets renewed once more.

The clear result of this is that RuneSwap will find a new purpose in swapping players' Seasonal Deadman gold. We've planned out how we're going to train up our accounts as quickly as possible, in order to get situated and start swapping from the very start. We're quite excited to get into the game and get this started. Thanks for reading, and see you there!

Moneymaking in Seasonal Deadman Mode (Mar. 25, 2016)

Hear me out for a second. Let's say that you're an Oldschool Runescape player, or a Runescape 3 player. For whatever reason, you don't plan on playing Seasonal Deadman Mode when it comes out. Maybe you just don't like the pvp-everywhere aspect, or you don't like seeing your progress get reset. Whatever the reason is, have you ever considered that playing DMM on the side might be really beneficial for making some money in the game that you do play? During the first week after a new Deadman Seasonal server is opened up, swap rates are nothing short of crazy. There is such a demand for Deadman gp that people are willing to trade upwards of 100M 07 or 500M RS3 for 1M DMM. In this context, and knowing that swapping is always an option, a lot of formerly "noobish" or abandoned money making methods become viable again. Simply picking flax for 20K Deadman gp per hour translates to 2M 07 per hour when the gold is swapped. Killing green dragons in Deadman Mode might make you 200K an hour, which translates to 100M RS3 gp per hour! Of course these massive exchange rates don't last very long, but for a brief period you can massively build up your bank on 07 or RS3 by playing Deadman mode.

Now you might be thinking, "that's great and all, but what if I get constantly pked when I try to do anything in Deadman Mode?". Of course, this is a concern that can't be ignored. However, I'm talking about the early game, before anyone has ice barrage or blowpipes or whips. This would all take place during the first week, when the strongest pker you're likely to run into might have snares and fire blast. With some basic combat stats, you can easily survive. The key is to start early and build a range tank, which will make you a very formidable and unappealing target. Once you have those basic defenses up, you can freely make money for quite a while until pkers become too threatening.

There's also the option to stick to methods that can be done within a safe zone. One example is thieving, which offers an assortment of NPC's, stalls, and chests that you can steal from virtually undisturbed. There are also the bank-standing skills, like herblore, crafting, and smithing. Lastly, you can merchant or sell pking supplies for a substantial markup. Remember, even the simplest and most mediocre moneymaking methods get massively amplified in Deadman Mode. All you have to do is plan it out beforehand, and get an early start. If you start on the second day and meander about, naturally your results won't be as good. As the saying goes, early bird gets the worm. Although in Seasonal Deadman Mode, we can also borrow from British SAS vernacular and say "who dares wins".

Seasonal Deadman Mode: An Experiment in Game Design (Mar. 24, 2016)

We all know about regular Deadman Mode. Players can fight everywhere, you lose your bank and stats, and so forth. But what's even more groundbreaking is Seasonal Deadman Mode. This is basically the same thing as normal DMM, but the servers get reset every 3 months. All progress is lost, and even the most high-level player has to start again from scratch as a level 3 in Lumbridge. This is such a novel concept, and it goes somewhat against the purpose of playing a game like Runescape. In an MMORPG, you play to level up a character and maintain your levels, almost as if you're living life in a virtual fantasy world. How, then, can Jagex get away with resetting everyone's stats and banks every 3 months? Stranger yet, people not only accept this but support it as a crucial component of gameplay. How strange!

In order to understand why resetting the servers works as a concept, you have to think about what "killed" the original Deadman Mode. In short, players who repeatedly died were set so far behind compared to successful, high level pkers, that they simply lost the will to rebuild and continue. This leads to a sparse and empty server where only a few top-dog pkers are still active. All those who died have quit. Once the game runs out of people for the remaining pkers to kill, they leave as well and the server dies. The solution, then, is to do a hard refresh of the entire server, and put everyone on a level playing field, if only for a while. This gives all the players who quit another chance and even for those that remained on the old server, the added activity is worth losing your progress for. What you'll find is that if you're a good pker, you can pk successfully at any level.

Resetting an entire server is something that is unheard of in the Runescape community. And yet, Jagex have been able to successfully implement such a concept on the Seasonal Deadman servers. Deadman mode is one of the most popular updates in the history of Runescape, and it's critically important to keep its playerbase active. If Jagex can achieve this through creative game design, the rewards will be numerous for both the company and the playerbase.

Some Thoughts On Winning the Seasonal Deadman Tournament (Mar. 24, 2016)

If you play Oldschool Runescape, you've probably heard of the Seasonal Deadman Invitational Tournament. The top 2000 players from each season of Deadman Mode will be placed in a winner-takes-all fight to the death, where the last man standing wins $10,000. Players have devised all sorts of methods and plans to win the tournament, but of course only at the end will we find out which methods are effective. Aside from the obviously advantageous ideas like being in a clan, I've come up with some strategies that I think will give you a fair chance at overcoming the odds and winning the whole thing.

If you're a solo player, it's safe to say that near the end of the tournament you'll run into some trouble with clans. How does one fight a clan? To put it shortly, you can't. However, you don't need to fight them to win. As the Deadman Tournament comes to a close, the entire map will be filled with a deadly gas which presumably constantly damages players like an incurable poison. Depending on how strong the gas is, you may not even need to attack other players to win. Just outfit yourself in full tank gear with a full inventory of brews, and try to avoid conflict as much as possible. You'll still get attacked, but your attackers will have a full inventory of equipment which will limit their ability to tank the gas for as long as you. This is all highly speculative, but it certainly gives you a better chance than deciding to fight an entire clan by yourself.

Another option is to turn your account into a blood barrage mage-tank. You'll want to get 92 magic and some Ahrim's robes, or at the very least mystic. You'll also want to train your defense as high as possible. The idea here is to last as long as possible by using blood barrage to heal yourself off of other players and monsters. As long as you don't get KOed, you should be able to last for a while. Blood barrage will also help you outlast the poison gas by healing off of miscellaneous monsters, if you're able to avoid other players.

Our last method for extreme Deadman Mode survival is to outfit yourself in full tank gear with brews, but also bring along some fishing supplies. What you'll be doing is, as your food begins to run out, fishing sharks and cooking them on the range in Catherby. Depending on how fast you're able to fish these, this could be a useful method for surviving prolonged damage; maybe even long enough to win the entire contest?

All these methods are speculative of course, and it's hard to predict who will end up winning the Seasonal Deadman Tournament. However, we know one thing for certain: if you go in without a gameplan, you'll bound to lose. Those who think outside the box have the highest chance of success, especially in an unpredictable and novel event such as the Deadman Tournament. Best of luck to all of you!

Early Game Moneymaking in Seasonal Deadman Mode (Mar. 24, 2016)

If you played the old version of Deadman Mode, you probably already know just how fast the game progresses. One minute everyone's walking around in full iron armor, and the next minute people have dragon scimitars and black dragonhides. Most Deadman Mode players have been playing Runescape for a while, so they tend to know the best training methods to get a quick lead. Couple that with 5x experience rates and a willingness for players to no-life the game, and it isn't hard to see why things change so far. There's nothing worse than being left behind, and being 20 combat levels behind everyone else just a few days into the game. A major part of progressing in Seasonal Deadman Mode is being able to collect a modest amount of money to purchase basic armor and supplies. This guide will go over several easy methods, with low requirements, to help you collect your first DMM cash stack and get the proverbial ball rolling.

Our first method is silk. There are 2 silk stalls in Ardougne, and you need 20 thieving to steal from them. This level should take you only a few minutes to achieve, after which point your thieving success rate isn't determined by your level. There is a convenient cake stall nearby, so you can easily restock in food if you've been attacked by guards. During the first week or so of Seasonal Deadman Mode, the silk stall will be so crowded that guards will rarely be able to attack you. The nice thing about silk is that you can sell it to the silk merchant for a flat rate in gold, so profitability isn't dependent on market prices. Each silk sells for 60 gp each to the NPC, but you need to wait for 30 minutes after stealing or he will refuse to accept it. A full inventory is very quick to obtain, and sells for a total of 1680 gp, a nice sum in the early days of Seasonal Deadman Mode.

Our next method is steel platebodies. To take advantage of this method, you'll want to have around 20 defense and 20 hp, along with some decent food like cakes. You'll also need a knife or a sword to cut through webs, as we'll be traveling deep into the wilderness. The journey starts in Ardougne, where you should fill up on cakes and then take the lever to the wilderness. After this, walk South through the gate and then go south of the lava maze. If you get lost, take a look at your minimap. We're looking for an entrance at the south-west part of the lava maze, where you'll see some black knights and some webs to cut. Once you've found it, proceed through the maze until you start seeing steel platebody spawns. Loot as many of these as you like, worldhopping as needed. Be sure to leave some food in your inventory for the trip back. Once you're done, go back to the lever to Ardougne. To cash out, you'll be selling these platebodies to the general store. You can sell them all at once, or slowly on different worlds to get a better price.

Our last moneymaking method will be chaos druids. I recommend starting stats of 30 attack, 30 strength, and 30 defense. You'll want some armor (at least as good as steel), a mithril scimitar or adamant longsword, and 49 thieving. You'll also need food, and cakes will be sufficient for this method. If you can't afford the gear, you can make some quick cash by stealing silk in Ardougne. You'll need 49 thieving to access a semi-private chaos druid spot, as the spots with low requirements will be crowded and far from a bank. We'll be heading to the chaos druid tower North of Ardougne. It's a small building which requires you to picklock a door to enter, and you'll see 4 chaos druids that spawn there. Chaos druids are extremely easy to fight, even at such a low level, and provide excellent early game experience. You'll want to pick up all medium and high-level herbs, and bank them when you have a full inventory. A few days into Seasonal Deadman Mode, players will be scrambling to get prayer and other potions, and you'll be able to sell your herbs for a very good price.

I hope this guide helped you in your journey through the early game of Seasonal Deadman Mode. Having some starting cash is essential to staying competitive and achieving your long-term goals. Thanks for reading, and good luck!

Seasonal Deadman Mode: An Efficient Early Game Guide (Mar. 24, 2016)

I thought I would go ahead and put together a short guide for what is, in my opinion, the optimal way to start out in Seasonal Deadman Mode. This guide is for the very early game, so from start to completion it should take no more than a couple hours. I think these methods will be useful to nearly all players, as they apply to almost all account types and give you an immediate advantage. The advantage might seem slight, but being even a little ahead of other players will keep you from getting attacked constantly, and allow you to progress even further. Without further adieu, here's the guide, step by step:

  • Spawn in Lumbridge. Skipping tutorial island is optional.
  • Pickpocket men for 5 thieving, keep any coins you get.
  • Kill men or goblins until you have about 15 hp, looting drops. Do not attack other players; you won't get kills and there's almost no loot.
  • Go through the Al-Kharid gate and buy a full inventory of kebabs from the kebab seller. Walk North to Varrock. Once you get there, train to 8 attack on dummies if you haven't reached that level already.
  • Purchase 6 water, earth, and air runes from the rune shop. Sell any of your starter items/goblin loot if you're short on cash.
  • If you're low on food, you can also steal some tea from the tea stall. Walk to Catherby, and be sure to eat if the wolves attack you. They won't be able to 1-hit you, so you should be fine.
  • Purchase a rope from the shopkeeper by the dock, or more in case you die and lose one. Walk to Ardougne, and once you get there steal a full inventory of cakes from the cake stall. At this point, you should be fully equipped to complete the Waterfall Quest. Because you pre-trained some hp levels, the moss giants won't be able to 1-hit you. If you think your hp level isn't high enough yet, you can quickly train up on gnomes South of Ardougne.
  • Complete the Waterfall Quest. I recommend this guide: It's easy to do for an account of any level, and requires no stats.

Waterfall will leave you with at least 30 attack and strength, along with a few thousand coins worth of loot if you sell your rewards to the general store. At this point you will be higher combat than the majority of other players, and it's unlikely that anyone will mess with you for a while. Here our paths may diverge, and you may choose to not train your melee stats any further. You might make a range or mage-based account, or a skiller. Regardless of your plans for Seasonal Deadman Mode, a quick start like this will help you achieve your goals. I hope this guide helped, and good luck!

Oldschool Runescape: Why Lootshare Matters (Feb. 2, 2016)

I wanted to outline some points regarding the effects of the possible lootshare update that's being discussed on OSRS. Aside from the basic changed to drop mechanics, there will also be larger effects on the PvM scene. I remember doing Bandos back in 2008, and back then I wasn't a very experienced or high-level player. I had a bank of around 10M, which allowed me to purchase some barrows armor and a whip. Lending was popular then as well, so I'd borrow a godsword for a couple hours and head over to Bandos. I definitely wasn't able to solo it, and I didn't really have many PvM-oriented friends. Naturally, what I always did was find a random clan chat on the forums, with like a dozen other players. We were all around 100-110 combat, and this was the only way we could ever kill Bandos: in large groups, like ants swarming a discarded apple core. Despite lots of small talk to pass the time, we didn't know each other. We certainly didn't trust each other either.

Thankfully, lootshare solved that problem. Lootshare allowed a group of lower-leveled players to team up and, with no trust at all, kill a boss and fairly share drops. When OSRS was released, and godwars was re-released shortly after, I quickly found that once the hype died down it became very difficult to do GWD. You either had to solo, or get some trustworthy friends. Trustworthy is the key word there: most people have at least a hundred players on their friends list, but how many of those would you trust with a 20M+ drop? I quickly gave up on GWD as I wasn't able to establish such a trusting relationship. This is especially difficult for low-level players, who have an even harder time making worthwhile PvM friends. Everyone wants to team with the guy in max gear, but what about the level 105 in welfare? Lootshare allows players like these to team up, and in large groups, kill any boss efficiently.

For these reasons, I support the introduction of lootshare into Oldschool Runescape. It will open up PvM to a whole new class of players who have been restricted from joining in until now. Activity will increase, and a lot of content will see more use. I think this update, aside from its obvious benefits, will help us relive the good old days of bossing. I know I will.

Criticisms of The New Necromancy Spellbook (Jan. 9, 2016)

With the release of Zeah, many players were extremely excited about the prospect of a new spellbook. Magic has always been an enormous part of the game, and it was hoped that an entirely new spellbook would be packed with diverse changes to gameplay. We can see that the existing spellbooks allow for nearly endless gameplay in a wide variety of applications. Unfortunately, after the first few players began unlocking the necromancy spellbook, it was clear that a great deal was lacking. To put it bluntly, the entire spellbook consists of the same spell repeated multiple times with different animations. Imagine if the normal spellbook was limited to its combat spells (e.g. wind strike to fire wave). These spells have different animations, xp, and damage, but they're functionally the same spell, and there are no further "magical" effects. The necromancy spellbook is even more disappointing due to the fact that the concept of necromancy has so many obvious opportunities for interesting content. Nonetheless, it is limited to a somewhat boring, niche way of training prayer. There is no other application other than to gain modest amounts of prayer xp: no pvp, no pvm, no teleportation, no skilling, no utilities, nothing. The entire spellbook could have been condensed into one spell called "reanimate creature". So the problems are apparent, but what suggestions can I offer?

Here are some ideas for fun, useful spells that could be included to this spellbook: (1) teleports around Zeah and possibly other obscure locations in Runescape, (2) The ability to summon undead creatures for a brief period to fight for you, like a limited version of the summoning skill, (3) Combat/utility spells like stat modifiers, spells which apply disease, poison, or other interesting effects, or anything which is consistent with the theme of Zeah, (4) necromancy-based utility spells where creatures can be summoned to briefly provide skilling boosts and so forth. The ideas are almost endless, and it's difficult to understand why Jagex chose to launch such a limited spellbook. Hopefully they'll be willing to flesh it out more in the future, because for a lot of players the greatest excitement about Zeah turned into an unfortunate disappointment.

Swapping in Deadman Mode Seasonal Servers (Jan. 6, 2016)

As you may have heard, seasonal Deadman Mode servers are coming to OSRS in April. Most people agree with this update and generally the community's excited. The current Deadman servers have been dying, and it's time to revitalize them. What a lot of people don't think about, though, is the economy. From the moment that the original Deadman servers came out, people were swapping their 07 and RS3 gold to them in order to gain a quick advantage. Swap rates were in the hundreds at the beginning, and have since settled as expected. What's so exciting, though, is that this is all about to happen again! Even though the new servers are getting reset every 4 months, that still leaves plenty of time to swap some gold over, get some decent gear, and go PKing for a while. I don't think the fleeting nature of these servers will stop people from playing them. Maybe no one will go for a 200M xp skill this time around, but obtaining barrows gear for example is completely within reason.

So, for a couple months, there will be a stable economy on the seasonal Deadman servers. Where does this leave us at RuneSwap? We fully intend to swap seasonal Deadman gold from the very beginning. It's a bit complicated since rates will be extremely inflationary at the beginning, and they'll drop to 0 approaching the end. Still, in the middle of the season we'll probably have a moment of stability. We'll try to provide the best swap rates possible, but please keep in mind that the weirdness of the seasonal Deadman server will have some effects. One of those effects, interestingly, is that at the very end (the last day before reset), the value of all items will drop to nothing. Expect to see some crazy drop parties :D, and we'll most likely give away any gold that we haven't been able to swap by that point. The nice thing though, if I'm understanding this correctly, is that as soon as one season ends, the other will begin. So we'll go directly from worthless endgame items to killing chickens for feathers. That's a very cool feature of this, in my opinion.

This situation has a lot in common with the game "hot potato". You can have an economy, sure, but you better not be the one left holding the potato. Then there are other concerns, such as suiciding. Be sure to train up your hitpoints before attempting to do any trading! I recommend at least 60 hp and 40 defense, which should be enough for the first few weeks. After that, you'll probably want to get 75 hp. We all know how much carnage there was last time around, so let's learn from the past :D. Despite the drastic differences from normal servers, I think we'll be able to develop a strategy to provide quality goldswapping services on seasonal Deadman Mode.

The Future of Deadman Mode Swapping (Dec. 28, 2015)

Now that Deadman Mode has been out for a while, we think it's as good a time as any to reflect on DMM's impact on the game, as well as its future. For one thing, it's hard to ignore the significant impact that DMM has had on goldswapping. It's almost as if it brought swapping back to life, to some degree. Thousands of people suddenly had an incentive to swap their existing cash into deadman, and not long after, to swap their pking profits back out. Naturally, as hype over DMM has faded since its release 2 months ago, the relative value of Deadman gold has dropped. We have seen something similar to an exodus over the past few weeks, with a lot more gold being swapped out than being swapped in. This reality is also apparent when looking at playercounts and overall activity within Deadman Mode. Around a month in, it was very easy to swap 1M DMM for 12M 07, and now it's dropped to somewhere between 2-4M 07.

So the dying of DMM has been established; but what's in store for the future? Not too long ago Jagex announced seasonal Deadman servers, which would include interesting new features and be reset every 3 months. The original Deadman server is being kept online, but our opinion is that the majority of DMM's playerbase will migrate to the seasonal servers. Firstly, a lot of people have quit as a result of getting repeatedly killed. At some point, it just becomes impossible to rebuild, and early adopters or clans will continually dominate. We think it's quite clear that all low levels who still have an interest in DMM will move to seasonal servers, where everyone starts over fresh. For one thing, the first few weeks are a lot of fun, and it's something akin to a low-level slaughterfest. For a while, casual players can compete on an even playing field. There's just simply no reason to keep playing a level 50 account on the original server.

So what does this mean for the swapping market? Firstly, the original Deadman Mode will essentially die as high-leveled players will simply have no one left to kill, and they'll migrate as well. Therefore, the value of Deadman gold can be expected to drop to a very low value, maybe even below 07gp. Secondly, people will become greatly interested in swapping to the new Deadman server, where rates will be astronomical at the start (like 100:1). These servers only last a few months, so of course the value of all gold on them drops to 0 near the end. Still, that leaves players with about a month and a half where gold has value, and that's plenty of time for an economy to exist. All in all, it'll be a significant yet fleeting boost to the swapping economy. Whatever may come, we're definitely eager to see how the game develops in 2016.

Trading Safely in Deadman Mode (Dec. 25, 2015)

With all the hype surrounding Deadman Mode (DMM) on its release, there was no doubt that swapping would be a popular activity. Firstly, there's no better way to get ahead of your opponents than to transfer your existing wealth over and train stats the fast way, while they wasted time gathering gold. Secondly, the harsh death mechanics meant that you get pretty much cleaned every time you die. After the 5th time, rebuilding really becomes a hassle. There's only so much flax you can pick before you go crazy. If you lose all your gold on deadman, why not keep your wealth in 07 and then swap it over when you need it? We can see that there are many major reasons for swapping in deadman.

However, it isn't so simple! Players can attack anyone anywhere, so how do you keep safe? Even the safe zones aren't actually can be killed there too! For a while, this was a major problem because people built custom suicide accounts to rag people over and over, risking nothing. Eventually Jagex stepped up to the plate with an update that caused suiciders to lose some of their protected xp. This helped for a while, but one form of suiciding remained: players could mage or range a target from over the border! Many players lost their banks to dark bow specs because they stood too close to the safe/dangerous boundary. Until this is fixed as well, here's the moral of the story: If you have a low level account, or are risking a lot of wealth, stay well inside the safe areas. We recommend varrock square or lumbridge top bank for high value trades, since it's impossible to attack from a dangerous zone into these areas. Keep safe or suffer the consequences!

How Long Will Runescape Goldswapping Last? (Dec. 23, 2015)

As we approach 2016, I can't help but wonder how long this thing we call "swapping" will continue to exist. Of course, I hope that it'll persist for years to come. Otherwise, I'm not sure what we'd do with this site :P. But looking at the facts, let's try to make an educated guess. What sort of things could happen to put an end to the world of goldswapping?

Frankly, not very much. Goldswapping is based on some pretty fundamental features of Runescape, so I don't see it going anywhere. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if swapping remained viable and popular until the very day that Runescape shut down. Let me explain why. Firstly, swapping isn't really a thing "in" the game, like staking or merchanting and so forth. It isn't a feature or a minigame, and it also isn't the intentional result of an update. Swapping wasn't ever "introduced", but instead it emerged into being, as something that the players created. Those features end up being what make swapping strong. Also, goldswapping is comprised of very simple and unchangeable parts. All that needs to happen is for there to be 2 or more versions of Runescape, and for there to be free trade between those games. Obviously, Jagex will never again make the mistake of removing free trade. Also, both RS3 and OSRS are very popular and show no signs of dying any time soon. If both of those games continue to exist, people will always want to be able to transfer their wealth between games. I simply can't see that changing unless the plug is pulled on Runescape as a whole. That, as well, isn't likely in the foreseeable future. Runescape brings in significant amounts of revenue for Jagex, and would be quite cheap to maintain if all updates were stopped eventually. Since hosting costs scale with playerbase, a declining playerbase will also mean lower costs to keep the game online.

All the little features and experiences in Runescape aren't really known for their longevity. Combat, the economy, skilling, pking, and everything else has been fundamentally changed over the years, in some cases repeatedly. I remember being there the moment free trade came back in 2011. Everyone was so excited about how it would change the game forever. Who could have known that EOC would be released a year and a half later, and OSRS about 8 months after that. This just goes to show how fast the Runescape experience tends to get turned upside down. Swapping, however, seems to be one of the only things that should last basically to the very end. It rests on very secure, unchangeable principles, and in fact it's been strengthened even more by the introduction of new game modes such as Darkscape and Deadman Mode.

This is good news for us here at RuneSwap, of course. But in a larger sense, some stability is nice at times. I know people like change, don't get me wrong. It's good to keep things fresh. But also, in a game like Runescape that can often require months of work to reach a goal, it's a bit discouraging when all your work is invalidated by a sudden and unexpected update. People experienced this in 2007 when Jagex took away the wilderness and free trade, and people experienced this in 2012 when Jagex introduced the Evolution of Combat. All I'm saying is, it's nice to have something to hold on to.

The Case for Goldswapping on (Dec. 20, 2015)

I wanted to make a few points about something that's been sitting in the back of my mind for a while. Sometimes visitors to the site ask us "Why doesn't RuneSwap stream on Twitch? Wouldn't it be great since you could do trades live and show how legit you are?" Truth be told, we want to. Unfortunately, what many people don't know is that gold swapping is banned on Twitch. It isn't a written rule, so don't bother looking for it. It's classified under "cheating" apparently, and from what I've gathered, Twitch thinks swapping isn't allowed on Runescape. Of course, we all know that swapping is perfectly legal, so this is just a lack of understanding of the game on Twitch's part. Nonetheless, if you set up a stream and try to swap gold live, you'll be banned within the hour.

Putting aside Twitch's faulty reasoning for a moment, I want to make the argument that allowing goldswapping on Twitch will actually help the community greatly. I remember almost a year ago, when they still allowed swapping. This was before existed, and Twitch was THE place to go if you wanted to safely swap gold. The reason why is because all trades were done live, in front of an audience of hundreds of people, so scams were basically impossible to pull off. If a scam ever occurred, this person would never be able to stream again without getting a chat full of hate, and a closed chat was always highly suspicious. This system allowed for a great deal of safety. Whenever I needed to swap, I would always go to these streamers. It seemed much wiser than contacting an unknown person privately, and doing a trade that no one else would be witness to.

From what I've gathered, the people who criticize swapping seem to be most greatly concerned about the potential for scams. If swapping was 100% safe and involved no risk, there would be no harm. Obviously, RuneSwap and a handful of other clans are very, very safe, and there's no chance of being scammed. Still, from all of my experience in swapping, I must say that Twitch streaming was the safest that swapping has ever been. Putting a risky private transaction like that on display for all to see was the best thing that could possibly be done to reduce scams. I don't want to even imagine how many thousands of people must have been scammed by now, because they couldn't find a swapper on Twitch and ended up using some shady clan chat.

In the end, Twitch is a private company and they can do what they want. They're owned by Amazon, a multi-billion dollar business that couldn't care less about Runescape. Still, I wonder if there's some chance that Twitch will take a second look at this situation and possibly allow gold swapping on stream again. If they recognize that Jagex allows swapping, and that streaming is the safest possible way to do swapping, then there's really no reason to not allow it again. Unfortunately, this seems to be another example of bureaucracy and ignorance triumphing over common sense and public demand.

How to Make Your Swapping Experience Safer (Dec. 11, 2015)

Let's imagine that for whatever reason, you've decided not to swap with us. Maybe you'd rather swap with a friend, or someone's offering an unbeatable rate, or we're offline at the moment. Even if you're not swapping with us, we want you to do your trades safely. After all, if anyone scams a swap, it reflects on the swapping community as a whole. Therefore, we've come up with a few tips to greatly reduce the chance of scams occurring. We hope that you'll use them, and that people's perception of swapping will also be improved as a result.

Here are our anti-scam tips:

Video record every swap, and tell the person you're recording before you do the trade. If you don't tell them, you might still be able to get them banned in the event of a scam. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get your gold back. By informing the swapper first, you give them something to think about and a reason not to try anything shady.

Tell the swapper you have a lot more gold to swap after the current trade. For example, if you're swapping 100M 07 gp, tell them you have another 300M 07 to transfer on another account afterwards. If it's believable, a scammer might be motivated to do the first trade legitimately in order to get a potentially larger prize later on. Of course, once you've done the amount you wanted to swap, you just leave and go on your merry way.

Do your trades in increments, which means to split them up into multiple smaller parts to reduce your risk if a scam occurs. For example, if you're swapping 200M RS3 gp, break it up into 4 trades of 50M each. It'll only take a few minutes to do, and you should be wary of any swapper who refuses. No one is that busy that they can't take 5 minutes to do a trade safely. The result is if you do get scammed, you only lose 50M rather than 200M. Further, it reduces your chances of getting scammed at all, as many scammers won't bother below a certain amount.

Do your swaps not only in increments, but in declining increments. This means that you break your trade down into multiple parts, while also decreasing the amount for every trade. Sometimes even if you swap in regular increments, the scamming swapper might run off before paying out the last trade. Here's how declining increments works: You're swapping 80M 07 gp to RS3. You do the first trade of 20M, and it goes smoothly. The scammer is waiting to steal the last trade; that way he gets to scam something, but also profits from the preceding swaps that he didn't scam. The trick is to do only 15M for your next trade, followed by 12M and then 10M and so forth until you're done with the entire 80M. Since the value of each trade decreases, the value of any potential scam ends up being lower than amounts which were already paid out legitimately. It would begin to feel quite stupid to scam 8M for example, when the scamming swapper already paid out a 20M trade legitimately. This method creates cognitive dissonance for the scammer, who would find it difficult to justify a small scam after all that. It's a very effective tactic, so long as you don't tell the swapper that you plan to do this. If you can get past the first trade, it's already too late for them.

Ask the swapper to show their gold before doing the trade. This is a very simple thing to do, and you'd expect any scammer with half a brain to be prepared for it. It works a shocking amount of the time, however. If you ask to see proof that the swapper has enough gold to do the trade, and he makes all sorts of excuses (It's on my other account, my friend has it, I don't have time for this, etc) then he's most likely a broke deadbeat scammer.

Hopefully these tips will help you trade safely in the future. Looking back at Runescape history, a lot of scams could have been prevented by using common sense and taking a few easy steps to reduce risk. It's a shame that scamming swappers continue to damage the reputation of swapping as a whole, but maybe with your vigilance we will be able to get rid of them once and for all.

The History of Runescape Gold Swapping (Dec. 10, 2015)

A few visitors to the site have told me that they aren't familiar with the concept of goldswapping. I thought it might be a good idea to explain what swapping is and how it works in this blog post, for those who don't know. In doing that, we can also go into the history of goldswapping: how it started, why people swap, and the major events in swapping's timeline.

Goldswapping is the transfer of gold between different versions of Runescape. When swapping, players will trade a sum of gold from RS3 or 07, in exchange for an agreed-upon amount in the other game. The rates are determined by supply and demand; sometimes people expect swap rates to be 1:1, but this isn't the case. Runescape 3 and Oldschool may be similar, but they're unconnected games with different economies. There is no way to "automatically" swap gold, so every swap requires the trust that you will be paid what you're owed. Needless to say, many people have been scammed by shady swapping clans who build up a superficial level of trustworthiness, before taking people's gold and disappearing. I think a lot of the criticism that swapping gets is due to this trust factor. This is part of the reason why we started RuneSwap: to provide an unquestionably reliable swapping service that's here to stay. It should be noted that swapping is completely legal and fully allowed by Jagex. At times, people get the idea that swapping is comparable to real world trading in some way. This is inaccurate. A gold swap is a transaction that stays entirely within the game at both ends, while real world trading involves a payment outside the world of Runescape. Swapping never ventures outside this boundary, and we never accept offers to swap for anything other than Runescape gold.

Swapping is a relatively recent activity in Runescape, which showed up almost immediately after the release of OSRS in 2013. It didn't take long for people to realize that, in the early days of Oldschool Runescape, swapping some wealth from RS3 was a great way to save time and get an advantage over other players. Swap rates were very steep at the beginning, with 07 gp being worth hundreds of times the value of RS3 gp. It wasn't a bad deal though, as even 100K 07 gp was enough to get you started with runes, food, quest supplies, and so forth. As OSRS developed over the next few months, rates normalized; 07 gold started coming into the game in mass amounts through high alchemy, and the initial hype died down as well. Rates gradually went into the dozens, and by early 2015 they settled at around 8M RS3 gp per 1M 07 gp. By the start of 2016, the value of Oldschool gold slid down to about 5M RS3 gp per 1M 07. 3 years after release, OSRS has begun to mature as a game, so naturally gold is more available.

In the beginning, one might have imagined that people would only swap gold to get a head start in Oldschool, and then they wouldn't need to swap anymore. Instead, goldswapping has grown into an active and prosperous economy that shows no sign of slowing down. Many different people have opened up their own swapping services with clan chats, live streams, and entire websites. Countless billions of gp per day are swapped, in trades large and small.

But what's driving all this market activity? Why do people swap anyway? We all know that Oldschool Runescape released membership bonds a while ago, so that can't be the reason. I think there are a few main factors that explain swapping's current popularity. Firstly, both OSRS and RS3 are frequently coming out with unique new updates. While most people only play one version of the game, I suspect that a large segment of the player base still wants to try out new updates on the other server. If that update happens to be a new skill, or a boss, or a new weapon/piece of armor, then you'll need some cash to try it out. Another factor which I think causes people to swap is gambling; both Oldschool and RS3 offer unique staking experiences, so even if you only play one server, you might be inclined to swap your gold and gamble on the other. Maxed whip staking in 07, for example, is extremely safe. It's almost impossible to get scammed, and the odds are exactly 50-50. RS3 of course has polypore staking, which offers a similar risk profile but also tends to be more complex. Ultimately it depends on each player's preference, but it's perfectly feasible to play one server and gamble on the other. Lastly, I think Legacy Mode on Runescape 3 contributes to a lot of the gold swapping that goes on today. With some relatively minor differences, Legacy pking has a lot in common with OSRS pking, but it's attached to RS3 and therefore relies on RS3's economy. I'm sure that a lot of people prefer Oldschool Runescape, but tend to frequently PK on Legacy because it resembles 2012-era Runescape, before the introduction of EOC. There is then an incentive to swap gold to Legacy for gear and PKing supplies, and then swap profits back to 07.

Whatever the reason may be, swapping is here to stay. At RuneSwap, we're happy to provide you with safe swapping services 24-hours a day, so you can experience all the gameplay that Runescape has to offer. :)

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